2004 rm 250 clutch problems

I have a 2004 rm 250 and I have rebuilt the bike completely almost.. I have a run into a problem with the clutch that I can't figure out, when I let go of the clutch the bike kinda just wants to jump, so I figured I would get a new cable and adjust it. I did that and it's still not right even with adjusting the cable every way possible, well after that I think maybe I will put new clutch plates/springs in it so I put in a new Barnett clutch plates/springs and new outter hub, the inner hub is a hinson billet proof hub. So it has a completely new clutch now and it's still acting up and isn't right. I have it together with every washer and piece in right but the clutch doesn't seem to fully grab. If anyone has an opinion or any info that could possibly help me please share! Thanks!

And also when I release the clutch now the bike just starts to take off.. MIT won't idle in gear with the clutch in. I have Tried adjusting the cable but if I adjust it the cable will be to loose, anyone able to help me?

Also to Add I put a different oil than I have been using in it, would that make a big difference?

What kind of oil did You put in it........Dr.D..


--- I chased a lot clutch issues w/ my 05 rm250 when I first got it, grabby/ etc

(zero nothching)


--- I went thru a lot of oils also, MAXIMA--- failed big time for me. Never smoked a set of plates so fast (granted at a sand track). but fresh oil in my first hour at the track



I would recommend ATF - type F ( cheap, change it every 1-3 rides)

or Honda 85 wt (red bottle). worked great, but a little more costly



OEM only clutch pack ONLY.

-Burnt up 2 sets of Barnets, before I read everywhere that OEM is the way to go for these RM's



WC clutch perch ( issues adjusting the ASV) & new oem cable


Now it feals nice, like a clutch should be....


eventually a I hinson/ other hardened basket is next

I was using the honda hp oil since I put it back together, then after I had taken it out and put back together I put maxima in it and had all kinds of problems.. Had no clue the oil could make that much of a difference, so I researched and went and put the honda hp oil back in it and it was night and day difference.... I road for a few hours today and it was fine. There wasn't any pull in the clutch, the clutch cable adjusted up perfect like it should.. Thanks for the hell I really appreciate it!

Auto correct

Is the pressure plate push rod seated correctly? I'm talking about the rod that goes thru the motor to the actuating arm on the otherside. I know it can catch on something and not be fully seated. I had to lift on the actuating arm on the stator side to fully seat it on the clutch pak side. Otherwise the pressure plate only applies a little pressure to the plates. Kind of sounds like whats going on....

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