Question for those with 12 OclockLabs Edge 2 processor upgrade

I just realized the12 OclockLabs Edge 2 processor upgrade board that replaces the stock one that comes with the Edge brake/tail light kit comes with the added 2 wires for turn signals within the same tail light. I just tested it and it works great.


I also purchased a pair of 602 DRC LED turn signal lights before finding this out.


My question is:


Is it possible for me to splice into the positive leads that go into the tailight for the signals and also ground out to the bike so as to also have the 602's working in conjunction with the Edge signals in the tail light?


Hope this is clear. Sorry if this has been covered before. I did try searching with no results...


14' WR250R



I have the light, but stock signals. I have no answer, but I would be interested what you find.This winter, the stock signals are going  and the DRC signals are replacing them.


If no one replies, please let me know when you figure it out.  Thanks,

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If no one replies, please let me know when you figure it out. Thanks,

I did get it to all work. The upgraded processor board is really cool. Working with the DRC turn signals looks great. I will post up a video clip this weekend.

Great! thanks

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