Sudco Mikuni TM Series

This is the carb that I'm running. It was on the bike when I bought it.


My question is, Does anyone have the Sudco Mikuni Tuning Manual PDF??







Its running very lean. I started it up and about a minute after kick starting it. The header pipes were glowing red.

I don't have the xr600r, but you can't realy tell if it's lean just becouse the pipe is glowing, you need to check the spark plug. If it's colour is white then it realy is too lean, try this first, it is a tradition to first check the plug  :)

I recently purchased a Mikuni from The Power Barn. They know this carb well. You might contact them for suggested jetting. They certainly jetted my carb near perfect.

oddly I just bought a '92 and that's the same carb that's on mine. it has some bright silver custom adapter on the airbox to carb interface.


it was leaking, so I took it apart, cleaned it out real well, now it's not leaking, but the throttle sticks a little....


I want to put an FCP in there.

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