2-3 day dual sport ride ideas?

Two friends and I are thinking about doing a 2-3 day ride, out of the LA /OC area. Any ideas on a route? I thought I recently seen on a thread referencing a map for street legal or plated vehicles but cannot seem to find it now.

Bikes going are xr65or, xr650l, and xr600r

I lke to truck the bikes up to Randsberg or Ridgecrest.....


Nice overnite ride to Beatty,NV via Death Valley.

or up to Lone Pine [and beyond if you want]

or over to Lake Isabella via Piutes-Jawbone-etc.

or just a plain ole fashion Mohave Rd to Laughlin overnight and back.


You have lots of great multiple day options with the dual sport bikes---The question is..."How much time and how many miles do want to do?"

You need to check ADVrider, there is a whole forum of nothing but gps route discussion and links to pert near every route recorded (it seems)

Camping, or not?


If camping, there is always Joshua Tree and Anza-Borrego.  Do A-B if you and your buddies love to ride in sand: deep sand, shallow sand, and everything in between.


There is also Cleveland.  That place looks huge, but I've only ridden in the fringes of it.


I agree with MB, check ADV as well as GPSXchange.  I think most of TrailDamage has to do with Colorado, but it's been awhile since I was on there doing research so my memory of the site is not very fresh.

I'd like to camp along the way. And I really like the idea of heading north along the 395 the only concern is snow. And camping in the fridged cold. But I suppose we could aim for spring time. Or head out to the desert. Although it'd still be cold this time of year out there. Also I do fallow up on advrider but I haven't seen the thread regarding tracks. I'll check out gpsxchange thanks for the replies.

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