KX125 powerband?

I heard I could get one of them there powerbands for ma bike to make it go faster, where do I git one and where does it go... Haha ok I'm just kidding, but on a serious note I just rebuilt an 04 kx125, all stock, and it just has no bottom end. I know it's a 125, and I'm not exactly the best rider but it just seems like it had nothing until it gets on the pipe around upper mid. Is that how those bikes are our did I do something wrong building it?

What pipe is on it now? If stock or PC.......

Get an FMF pipe, jet accordingly, drop 1 tooth on the front sprocket, give 'er hell.

Did you verify the power valve is correctly timed? Did you clean and inspect it while you did the top end? is your jetting correct? The 125s are top end screamers for sure.

I have an 04 and 05, both stock.  They have decent low and alot of mid but fall flat a little revved out.  Check your timing and reeds.  Did it run different before the rebuild?  

What pipe is on it now? If stock or PC.......

Get an FMF pipe, jet accordingly, drop 1 tooth on the front sprocket, give 'er hell.

As someone who is not the best rider similar to the OP, I can verify (for me, at least) stock kx125 with a PC plat pipe had less low end then stock pipe even.  I put a fatty on it and the difference was like night and day in comparison. It has significantly more lower end balls now then the PC pipe and even then the stock pipe. Much easier for someone at my skill level to ride I find as I cant always be on the pipe and rail corners

As a stock 125 I was impressed with it's bottom end. I was 1 tooth up on the rear sprocket and full PC system. And yea, up top it was a little bad. But not as bad as some people make it seem. Use PCs jetting specs. They make a big difference.

No, just the stock pipe, been looking for a good deal on a FMF though, maybe even some vforce reeds. I bought the bike with a blown crank bearing a just recently got it done so I have no idea how it ran before or how it should run. Also I did not mess with the power valve or jetting at all since I got it. I'm also running I believe stock gearing, 13/51. I weigh in around 160lbs so I shouldn't be quite too heavy for it. It has great power when it gets "on the pipe" but just luggs bad getting there and I just can't keep it there all the way around the track, maybe I just need to ride more! haha

Well the power valve should be cleaned and you need to know what jets it is running. 

Yeah I should've taken them out and cleaned them but I was in the middle of moving so I was just trying to get the bike back together to make it easier to move so I just didn't mess with it. And I've just been too busy with other projects and school to get around to doing it. I also need to tear into the suspension on that bike. Just afraid to cause I know it'll cost me money haha

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