Pls help, learning about bikes!

Hi there,


I am new to the bike scene and keen to learn!

I am a female in my 20's who just purchased an 08 CRF230L. The bike is in great condition despite a bit of wear and tear on the plastics. 


I have searched the net for sites that sell new plastics and so far no luck!


Is anyone able to tell me whether the 230F or 150 plastics fit?


Also I would like a new exhaust (maybe with a little more grunt.. I can hardly hear the bike..) any suggestions?



I know to some of you more experienced riders these are probably silly questions but I am having no luck with help to this point so I would really appreciate it.


Thank you!



take a look at rockymountainatvmc?

Thanks very much!

I'll check it out :)

You can spend $300 to $400 on aftermarket exhaust and gain maybe 0.5 horse power. Why? Just to make it louder? Save the money for fuel and oil for your 230 and ride it! Keep it quiet, and keep the police happy.

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There are various websites that sell OEM parts (parts directly from the manufacturer, in your case Honda) you can buy every individual part for your bike down to the last bolt.

You should be able to get your plastics from these sites. Some of them are: for OEM parts.

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