What's this part

So I'm completely rebuilding my engine, I had it all apart and was powerwashing it along my girlfriends 1984 yz80 we're rebuilding, it started to rain on us and got real cold so we ran everything inside and unfortunately a few pieces got mixed up, I'm pretty sure I kept everything organized, and fixed everything that wasn't, but now that I'm reassembling my engine I have one last piece that I can't find a home for and he looks important, I'm about 99% sure it goes to my 600 cuz its way to big for her 80, it fits a couple spots on my tranny, but I can't figure out where, and I can't find it in the parts explosions, this is him, there is a groove on the inside, looks like it could be a spot for oil? But there'd no holes going through it


Looks like a transmission bushing/spacer....Not long enough for the bushing on the clutch.  Can't remember if the (kick start) idler gear was one piece or two.

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mmm..Strange one..All those bushings on the trans seem to have holes in them for oil. I'd be looking somewhere in the Clutch basket area though as Quint says it doesn't look like the actual bushing. I seem to recall some part always used to fall out of one of those clutch basket type areas if you didn't wire the lot together..Can't see a noticable match between any bits in the clutch fiche or manual pics but have a look at both the inner basket and the outer and see if it fits somewhere in there.,Though if it does go in there I dunno why it isn't in the fiche or any manual..


Vital to keep all those trans bits wired together so thrust washers don't fall off and cause confusion. There's no specs on thickness with them so if one gets mixed up and you don't know where it came from you have to order a new one to make sure it's the correct size..and they ain't cheap..Ditto clutch stuff..

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Is it a wheel spacer?  The outside seems a little off from the stock ones, but sometimes folks make their own.  It kind of looks like something used to replace the speedo pick-up if that was removed. although what you have might be a little large.


Could it be something from the yz?

I've seen spacers like that go behind the sprocket, don't recall which types of bike.

Looks like it to me.

Yall are the best, kind of embarressed I didn't think to check that though, and my girlfriends been busy with finals so I haven't had a chance to go over and check, after a couple hours I decided there was no way it could go in there, so I buttoned her up, feel a lot better about doin that now though

I thought it was a muffler bearing off a CR500.......shows what i know... :devil:









Impossible, I only have a cr250, but when my buddy saw it, he thought for sure the oil passage in the center was a fluid passage for the blinkers, he's silly, I had to remind him I didn't install the blinkers on this bike... Lol

Ever see a muffler bearing though..



Oh ya, and they're a pain to replace, lemme tell ya!


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