Kx125 Oil Drain Plug Case broken off :(

Tittle pretty much says it all, unscrewing the drain plug caused a piece of the case to break off.


Heres a couple of photos:











What are my options?

Q #1.

Do you still have the pieces?


If yes to #1, do you know of any local welding shops?



If No to #1, a good shop can weld it, redrill and tap. Not hard for them. You're proabably looking at anywhere from $40-140 depending on your answers and if the shop is cool about it.

Looks like its time for a skid plate.


I had a biddies drain welded up awhile back. It worked ok, but caused the case halves to leak in that area. Our backyard fix was a serious cleaning and scuffing of the leaking area followed by some black rtv. Not something I personally would be ok with, but he wasn't about to split cases so it worked out.

Clean it extremely well if your going to weld it. And don't jb weld it please lol. If you wanna be a cheap dou Che bag you could use a cork

Same thing happened to my bike, I had it welded, and like mentioned above the heat from the welder melted the seal between the cases...my bike got new mains and seals since the cases had to be split anyway. Sappers is close, unless like me you don't do your own bottom ends, that made it just north of 400 bucks for me by the time I fixed/replaced everything.

Not sure why Kawasaki has that crappy design. Mine broke on my first day with my new to me 99 KX 125. I rode for about an hour and thought I'd change the gear oil, after a nice little pile of money and about 2 weeks of downtime mine was fixed. That is literally the only issue we've had with that bike in the 4 years or so we've had it, good luck...

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