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Ktm 125 SX Electric starter?

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I was just wondering if there is any kit available for me to have an electric starter on my KTM 125 SX 2006 that already has a full KTM lighting kit and aftermarket battery fitted to it. It still has original SX gearing but I don't think that matters anyway.

In the long run I hope to get one of the trail tech speedos and would love to have the option of electric starting it mid ride for when I stall unexpectedly!

I was thinking if there isn't a kit for the SX specifically, would an option be to snag one from an EXC? Obviously I have a stator capable of powering the lighting kit but would it be powerful enough to start the bike? Or is starting it solely dependant on the output from the battery?

Apologies if I have had some majorly rookie thoughts and/or done anything wrong relating to my post as this is, I believe, my first or possibly second post.

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