AC DC conversion on Beta RR 300 question


Hi gays, what you will tell about the offered scheme of converting of AC in DC whith stok Beta RR 300 stator? Real or not ???

The one key point your missing is you must isolate AC and DC grounds. Since the Beta is estart and must retain a frame referenced DC ground, this means that the stator must be modified to isolate or "float" the AC ground from the stator plate. There are procedures for this on the Trailtech site relative to a conventional Kokusan stator, but I suspect the inverted Beta system is electrically the same although physically different. It would be a nice to clean up the system and make it full DC, plenty of clean regulated juice for lighting, GPS, etc.

Very nice, but be absolutely sure that one side of the stator windings is not connected to the stator plate ground inside the cover. By the schematic it is not but check to be sure.

Too many unsealed connectors for my taste. I cut most of my harness out to a bare minimum, removed the switch blocks and sealed the rest, but I realize some of you guys need street legal light setups in your countries.

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