Exhaust Cam for an 07?

Im having to order a new exhuast cam with decompressor for my 2007 rms 250. Was just wondering what year models have the same cam as my bike? I was told 04-09 but im wanting to make sure before i go out and spend money on a cam i cant use. Help is greatly appreciated!

 I think it is 7-09 what happened to your cam? I have a used one with decomp in it I have to check and see what condition it is in.

well my bike acted like it ran out of gas when i was riding it but it didnt and temperorarly seized on me, kick start is hard to push down but will go down. took engine apart and didnt find anything wrong witht the top end or bottom end. I believe that i need a new cam with decompressor on it because the decompressor is bad cause an exhaust valve to stay open. not sure if this is 100% the problem but figured id buy a new one and throw it on to test my theory

I'm not bad at working on these bikes and for what it is worth I don't think a cam is your problem . If it is still apart you might want to have someone look at it with you.The only way that cam is going to stall and freeze up the bike is if you wiped the cam journals or bearing.

 I have that cam it has some wear in the journal but the decomp is fine.

 Also excessive exhaust clearance can cause the decomp to not work properly. Good luck. 

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