Best deuce stroke for SE Utah trail riding

Just wanting a few opinions from some of you more experienced two stroke riders. I'm looking to buy a new or used 200, 250, or 300XC. I love riding down in south eastern Utah(Moab area). I had a 450exc I just sold to a buddy. I loved the bike, but want to go lighter and enter the two stroke world again. I'm 6'0 190lbs, I've been riding a few times a month for the last few years. I'm looking to start trying harder trails like 5 miles of Hell. I've read a lot of threads similar to mine, but just wanted a little more input. Thanks

I just got back from a week in moab. My wife and I both have 250xc's. The bikes worked great on everything we through at them. I had a 14 tooth front sprocket and wished I changed it back to the stock 13t for the trip, but made due with the higher gearing.

Depending on how you prefer to ride a 300 could be a better call, there are some steep tech sections with little or no run in. The 300's torque would be nice for these.

I have only ridden a 200 a few times, but I don't think this would be a good choice. Mostly because there are almost always deep sand sections and/or long sections of dirt road to connect trails.


Took my '13 300xcw to Moab this year. Had a blast and it did great in everything from climbing the slickrock to the deep sand washes. Its so nice to be a on a light weight bike for that kind of terrain. I came off an XR400 previously.

For next year, I'm going to have a Rekluse Core kit in the 300, then it'll eat Moab for breakfast.

For next year, I'm going to have a Rekluse Core kit in the 300, then it'll eat Moab for breakfast.

XC-W should eat it for breakfast right off the show room floor. You can literally drive directly from the dealer to Moab and have a Rocken good time with the right bike for everything knarly and technical - pinch flats.

I often ride the terrain you are asking about and I suspect all 3 bikes will work fine in the right hands. If you are a "lazy" rider and don't like to shift a lot, or work the clutch a lot you should lean toward the 300. It has the low end grunt to forgive us "lazy" riders. If you like a lot of snap and like to blast berms and feather the clutch to to stay in the power band, a 250 might suit you better. If you are technically precise in your riding skills and can stay in the right gear and have natural clutch skills so you naturally manage power with the left hand, the feather weight 200 could be the right machine. I suggest you assess your riding style and let that drive your choice. Coming off a 450, the 300 would require the least learning curve and immediately feel pretty natural but may not be the change you are really looking for.


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Appreciate the input. I'm leaning towards the 300 XC-W, for the added low end torque. But, lightness of the 200 is tempting. The recluse clutch is awesome and will be an early upgrade.

The 200 has surprising low end and midrange. Not in same league as the 300 but you don't have to wring it's neck in the tight stuff either. I put on the Core EXP and it is definitely cheating.

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