DR. D Hot start lever on cut bars...

I got the Dr. D Hot start this morning. Excellent construction, looks like it's worth the money. I haven't rode with it yet. I do have a problem with my installation. I'm a Hare Scrambles/woods guy. Pro Tapers, Scott steering damper and bark busters. Of course, my Pro Tapers have been cut down about 1.25" on each side. This makes the installation of the hot start lever more difficult as you have to keep a certain space between the throttle housing and the brake perch. To get enough space for correct operation, my brake master cylinder perch is actually moved to the left to the extent of being in the curved portion of the bar. BUMMER. Now the operation of my front brake lever is affected as it is pivoted up in the air by about 2". I'm probably going to try to heat up the lever and bend it to where it is more suitable. Of course the correct thing would be to buy new bars that have not been cut. What a dissappointment because I know I definitely want the Dr. D hot start for the woods. Anyone else out there have this problem? Thanks...

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Dr. D and the Dubach hot start are the same thing.

D'OH as homer simpson would say...

I heard that the Dr. D hot start automatically closes itself whey the bike starts. How? This would be bitchen. Also, check this out, I was at out at saddle back on 12-9 (the day i broke my collar bone) and Doug Dubach and another guy wanted to see my Thunder Alley pipe. They were very interested. :)

The plunger in the carb is spring loaded, so when you release the thumb lever it closes. It doesn't close automatically, you have to release it.

Did the Doctor have anything to say about the pipe ?

So with the Dr. D you have to hold the button down while you kick it over? How does it work with arm pump?

I had the Terrycable one on my 2000 426 and liked it, but I cant make up my mind which to buy for my 02.

We just did a full review on the Dr. D Hot start. It' a great product and the Dubach's are excellent people to deal with.

If you need more info check here:

http://www.fastbydesign.com/DrD_HS.html :)


I'm in your same boat. I wanted to buy the DR. D hotstart but started wondering about will it fit with cut down bars.

How did you solve this problem? Thanks for the response

I never did fix the problem. I am thinking about heating the front brake lever and bending it downward so it will be close to where it was before. I haven't ridden in a few weeks. I need to buy another lever in case I snap the one I have.


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