Factory HONDA service manuals

Hey y'all, I recently found a good source for Honda Factory service manuals and thought I should share... I wasted 2 months looking for FREE downloads which DO NOT EXIST, only to buy a hard-copy paper manual (85-94 CR80R) from HELM which I am very satisfied with.


www.helminc.com ...Honda does not produce paper manuals anymore, they produce digital manuals, which HELM INC. is licensed to reproduce and sell... they also produce factory authorized manuals for automotive manufacturers such as Ford, GM, Honda/Acura, and Toyota...


Just thought Y'all should know about them if you don't already... Cheers

That's good info, thanks for sharing...........I found mine (2007 CR250) on eBay as a cd-rom for $14.95...... Then printed out the pages I wanted

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