One Industries Gamma sale

rockymountain atv, $89

pretty sure it gets the Dragon seal of approval (dual eps)

not many left.


FYI Size medium helmets usually fit me. I ordered a medium Gamma and it's way too tight for me.

I bought the gamma positron last year on sale and it is a great helmet. It's lightweight, the only complaint would be that they do run slightly small.

I HAD a Gamma, hated the fit and feel. Felt like it was pushing my cheeks into my mouth. I tried a size larger but that was too loose. Sold after a few rides. Now I'm running a Bell and like it better, but just ordered a Shoei on sale for $325. I can't wait to get it. I tried one on and didn't want to take it off.

Shoei for $325? where?

EBAY! Brand new of course. Only size small is that cheap. Im just lucky I have a small head.

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