10/16 Riding?


Anyone???? Bueller? :D


 Got room on the trailer if needed...

Not sure if it's gonna be Paul Bunyan or nemadji yet..

But if it's just me alone.. i'll probably just do Paul Bunyan.



Anyone think it's gonna be TOO wet? 

 I dont know if thats really gonna sway me, just gives me something to think about ;)

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice.  I just talked to someone about Horseback riding on Thursday.  She said the trails are wet.  I think the East Side of Paul Bunyan should be good.

Saturday would be a much better day.  Your best TT friends will be there for the Paul Bunyan Trail Ride.

I work right next the paul bunyan trails and if you're going to ride I may be able to join you.

Had something come up at work....

 So I'll be heading up there tomorrow.... 

Anyone! :D

 KLXChad send me a PM with your # and I'll hit you up when I'm close! ;)

Had a great ride... Little wet and cold .. But had a blast!

Well for some reason my GoPro decided it didnt' wanna be charged...

 But at least I had my gps running track ;)



Had a great ride... Little wet and cold .. But had a blast!

My son and I are going to Akeley in the morning, I don't think dust will be a problem!

Well we rode Akeley on Friday and the weather was a little cool but no rain!

Rode the east side and it was pretty good, a little slick with the wet leaves on the rocks but much better than expected.

 Saw C-P & toadl at the camp ground, nice to meet fellow Thumpertalk members.

Saw a few pictures of the campground today and they had 2-3" of snow!

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