Counter Balance Shaft Removed?

So there was a old thread about someone who removed the counter balance shaft.  Last update there it was good after 6000Km's .  That was on a 470 mod engine.  In the last 2 years on 06sm models I have seen (with Loctite fixes applied) the CB shaft get ejected out the front of the crank case.  Mine has chewed up the key on the shaft and started hitting the crank intermittently.  I suspect after 45k miles the cush springs on the gear that drives it became weak and allowed for it to be out just enough to cause the damage.  


Has anyone else removed the CB shaft from their engine?  How long have you run it this way?  Did anything bad happen?  General Thoughts?  I know it will vibrate more without the CB and the bearings have to be removed.



The counter balancer gets out of time, hitting the crank when the clamp nut is lose, then the key, meant only for alignment gets damaged as does the keyway,,until it eventually shears, and the balancer exits the case. This is Completely preventable with the reliability fix suggested is done correctly.


As yours has gone past that point of that  fix, and now needs replacement,, do that or remove it and the bearing in the case so it does not fall out later. 

I had performed the loctite fix on the nut, and this still happened.   :banghead:


But I am still looking for feed back on who has removed the CB shaft and any longevity issues from it.  

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so did you remove the balance shaft? I had same issue replaced the balance shaft and gear and now sound is back..........

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