Jackhammer enduro this sunday the 20th @ Fouts Springs/Stonyford!




the Jackhammer enduro will be held this weekend providing the politicians get theirs heads out of their rear ends before this weekend.


Come on up and enjoy a fun course with plenty of free times and resets.  we also have an E class this year if you would only like to ride half the enduro.


We could also use some help, if you would like to help by flagging, working a check, or sweeping, ask for brian jagger or mike hayes at the Oakland MC camp site, which should be at the Grey pine camp ground. 





With this being said:


If you are at stonyford, and you decide to ride while the event is taking place on Sunday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., please please do not ride the course.  AND ESPECIALLY not backwards.  It seems that no matter what I say this happens all the time.  If you find yourself on the course make sure not to ride it backwards.  It's not a hard thing to do to prevent any unwanted injuries.


also please be wary of course workers on Saturday and late on Sunday.  we will be putting up arrows and taking them down.  so too often I find people riding the course the day before and have close calls with them.  so just keep in mind we are out there.








So no event if gov is still in lockout??

Pardon my stupid questions....

If I have not registered or obtained my ama & d36 cards can I do so at the event day of?

How many miles is the e class loop?


So no event if gov is still in lockout??

We (OMC) will make a decision once we get a GO/NO-GO from the powers above on Thursday.


Pardon my stupid questions....

If I have not registered or obtained my ama & d36 cards can I do so at the event day of?

How many miles is the e class loop?


You can post enter the event, purchase AMA and D36 cards at the event the day of. The "E" loop with be roughly 40 miles.


Hope to see you up there!

If anyone is planning on racing or riding Stonyford this weekend (Oct. 19th and 20th) and is also curious as to whether or not the Jackhammer will be held, just check in on this thread or the D36 Website (ama.d-36.org>forums>enduro). I am not able to work the event with the club this weekend therefore am contacting them with updates on the Government Shutdown, congress, NFS trail permit being signed, etc. I will update this thread as soon as the club has decided whether or not to hold the event. Lets hope for a resolution, and quick activation of the Forest service so that we can get all required paperwork signed to make this legal and RACE!!!!

You say post entry sat, how about sun morning? Can't get there any sooner unfortunately.

I'm sure you can sign up day of . I'm driving up Sunday morning myself .

Are the results posted anywhere...been looking everywhere. I am curious how I did in comparison to others.....even though I only did half, being in / only one in e class. I know it was posted after the race, but I had to leave while everyone was at the remote pit at 40miles. My check point slip doesn't make sensce either......was fun other than getting cramps in my throttle arm and shifter leg from mile 2 on. I whisky throttled the remaining miles...haha

here is a snap shot with the "E" class part of the results.


thank-you so much for comeing out.  i hope you had fun.



snap shot results.jpg

Sweet, thank you, and thanks for the great event....looks like I did better than I thought. I'm doing the whole thing next time and hydrating.

I had a blast, great job by the organizers and route designers. 


Has anyone been able to find any results yet?


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