XR 650 L throttle tube ?

Hi guys  I was swapping My parts over to My new Renthal bars and noticed the throttle tube just seems to spin around the handlebar ? on my old bars you could see wear marks from the tube rotating

but it was always smooth to twist and return


now the Renthalls have a slight texture to them and the tube isn't super smooth when rotating 


before i spend time to fix  am I missing something ? i cant tell by the parts diagram


thx  Z



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Does it matter..So long as the actual assembly is tight on the bars who cares about the actual tube..New bars may just be slightly smaller in diameter is all.


Whoops,,so the tube is binding???..Dunno in that case..Maybe it has nothing to do with that and you just have the actual screws for the assembly tightened down wrong and itt's causing binding..The front or top screw gets tightened first  the rear or bottom last..It doesn't have to be clamped shut like Fort Knox..(Guys..is their any real gold in there). :devil:

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the problem is the plastic tube does not spin smoothly on the Renthals  almost like the new bars have a  slight  high spot ?

and the texture to the new  bars can be felt in the twisting motion of the tube on the bars


I can probably clean the inside of the plastic tube and lube it up but I was making sure I wasn't missing another part like a bar liner or ??

Strange idea having texture where the actual tube turns..Can maybe see it being ok where the clamp area is but not further along..makes no sense that..You want smooth down there..I'd hit the texture with a file or grinder,,Gone...They probably have some new fangled lube they want to sell you for an arm and leg to prevent the binding caused by there ridges..It's the modern way..

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ya it looks like I have all the OEM parts  and the tube issue is even before I have the housing halves mounted ( i know what your referring to abut the screws possibly binding the rotation )


I hate to take emery cloth to new bars  but it's out of sight  and Rocky Mountain makes Me pony up for return shipping so even though I already don't like the bend to these bars nor the tube issue  I will give them a try 


thanks Horri

Wet sand that area with 400 wet/dry paper..


Lightly lube the bar with tans fluid..



thx guys


getting it all back together now  and lubing the push pull cables ETC










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