Cylinder works big bore?

I'm looking to get more bottom end lugging power on my 2012 CRF250R, and was thinking about doing a big bore on my next rebuild. I use this bike for woods riding, and it just doesn't have the bottom end torque I need sometimes.


Does anyone have experience with the 270cc cylinder works kit you see on ebay all the time? Or would it be better to send my cylinder off to get bored/nicasil?


As far as mapping, can I adjust the fueling enough with the honda PGM-FI tool, or will it require running an aftermarket ECU?



for what your trying to achieve the cylinder works kit will get the job done I just tuned 1 on the dyno every thing else stock accept for slip onfmf can 40 hp and lots of torque down low.

Ron do you have a map for that bike? Mine would be nearly identical, stock except for yoshimura full system and removed backfire screen.

yes I beleiv I saved it

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