Xt350 not charging battery

My xt had no battery when I first got it and the lights were dim on tick over but fine when riding , so I put a battery in and wired it up exactly as the Haynes manual wiring diagram shows , the battery makes the lights a lot better but it doesn't get charged from the bike and I have to re charge it about once a fortnight , why ???????

Download this free condensed service manual :




The Haynes has nice pictures , but the rest , :( :( :(


Anyway , go to the charging section and test your coils . It sounds like you have a bad one or mayybe it's simply a bad connection somewhere along the line .

Cheers will do , but surely if a charging coil was faulty then the electrics wouldn't work without the battery

Read the manual . There are 3 coils under the flywheel .

The lights and ignition have their own coils if I remember correctly. Your charge portion could be non-functional, and probably is. The lights have their own coil, which is why you only have lights when the engine runs.

Bear in mind the bike will not charge a sick/low battery, but will maintain a good one.

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