Tracks near Mccomb


Does anyone know of any motocross tracks within about a three hour drive of Mccomb that will be open for practice Oct. 25-26 or are available for rental??


I've been calling around and either can't get a person or the tracks are only open on race days.  

I'm currently building a private track witching and hour or 2 from Macomb depending on how you drive my house sits on 120 acres and I'm digging 3 ponds In order to make this track I would be willing to rent it out to you once it's finished if we can come to some sort of an agreement or my email is

I'm driving to our camp in church point MS sry for my spelling. / grammar contact me I'm hoping to possibly make some extra money so I can buy the necessary equipment needed to maintain and improve my track if I find enough people willing to rent or whatever then I'll take out the loan to purchase the equipment I need and since I have everything else along with a 3 year old who I want to ride it would be logical ESP since it's into back yard

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