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California >> Official Thred for the CALIFORNIA CITY GRAN PRIX <<<

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The California City Gran Prix
December 20-22, 2013

We are preparing for the return of a truly classic event; the California City Gran Prix – December 20-22, 2013. I will attach several pieces of information for you.

However, the reason for this posting is to ASK FOR A LITTLE HELP IN LOCATING CERTAIN PEOPLE THAT WE WOULD LIKE TO INVITE FOR THE "LEGENDS" event at the Gran Prix. The "LEGENDS" race will be our featured race of the weekend; Sunday, December 22 at approximately 10: 30 a.m. No charge.

The “Legends” race is not necessarily just for those who last rode the Cal-City GP but racers that we've had the great fortune to meet when we were producing the old Baja Promotions Gran Prix and the Gran Carreras series and the old District and Baja races. Invitations started to go out this past weekend but...

We would like to send invitations to:
Larry Roeseler,
Jack Johnson,
Johnny Campbell,
Scott Harden,
Bob Surmon,
Brian Salley,
Paul Ostbo,
Richard Jackson,
Paul Kraus,
Kenny Newton,
Tim and Chip Morton,
Tim Clark,
Goat Breker,
Steve Holladay,
Billy Robertson,
Brian Farnsworth,
Roger Riddell,
Wayne Cook,
Steve Stevens,
Chuck Miller,
Tex Mitchell,
Dan Smith
Dan Ashcraft,
Beto Verber,
among a few others.

So if you are reading this and are interested or some of you may have their e-mail address, please send them a note asking to get in touch with me, Lou Peralta, at lou@averacing.com

We already have responses that they are coming from Campbell, Tex Mitchell, Bob Surmon, Ken Newton, Mary McGee (not racing because a shoulder that is on the mend) and Craig Adams.

The LEGENDS race will be a fun race. It doesn't matter who wins (but I’m sure none of them want to come in second), because in the end everyone wins and everyone will receive an award from us.

There's also plenty of races for MCs, ATVs and UTVs in the program. Attached are several piece of information.

Thank you.

Lou Peralta




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