Damn! I fixed it................... finallly!

The YZ250's rear brakes wouldn't work.  No pressure.  So I rebuilt the caliper, no go.  I rebuilt the Master Cylinder, no go.  I replaced the copper washers, no go. Reverse bleed it with the reservoir cap off, no go. Bleed it normal like for 30 minutes, no go.


I just couldn't get it to lock up, Sure I could get it to drag.................... but that ain't good enough.


I was getting rather frustrated & ready to quit.




I tried reverse bleeding it with the reservoir cap on and tight.  Success!  It locks up tight now.


Moral of the story........................... try everything!  Never give up!  Fantastic!

i am glad u got it but it makes you wonder why it was such a pain in the butt on such a simple and short length system

also post back tomorrow  I have had brakes feel awsome when I was done bleeding them  but the next day they were back to just OK

step one: reverse bleed with reservoir cap off.

step two: use syringe to suck air out of the bleeder nipple while pumping brake (reservoir cap off). Do this until the brake lever gets firm.

step three: bleed in standard fashion to get desired braking firmness

step four: go out and the ride the shyt out of it. 

Could it be that it's an old system?  2003 bike with only a few miles on it?  The previous owner did not know how to wrench and the rear axel was rusted solid, the wheel bearings were wasted, the shock linkage was red with rust.


The bike was ridden hard and put away wet.  I'm breathing new life into it! :thumbsup: One thing at a time.


The real reason I bought it?  It scoots!  Wow! The motor is STRONG! ;)  He really never rode it, the tires are new.  He couldn't have replaced the rear, it was welded solid.  I destroyed a breaker bar getting it loose! :jawdrop:

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