2005 RM 250 Carb Problems / Idle

This is my first time posting to this so lets see if anyone can help me out. I have an 05 rm 250 that's got an idling problem. The bike was having a problem loading up with fuel and not starting, which turned out to be a bad seat on the float. After putting a moose carb rebuild kit in it, it no longer has the starting problems but now it doesn't want to idle. The idle screw has to be turned all the way in for it to stay running (which i've been told is not good). Any suggestions? 

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I would suggest checking your float height first since you were working on that part of the carb.

Then pull out your air screw and clean that and the passage.

Make sure you count the number of turns first.

Should be somewhere around 1.5 to 2 turns out.

Then clean the pilot jet.


Good luck! :thumbsup:

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Yeah,, either the float height or the seat is wore out,, which means that You will have to buy a new carb,,,unless You could make that needle seal somehow,,,,,good luck........Dr.D..

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