Need easy trails for the wife


I'm finally getting back into riding after a 9 year break and got my wife a bike as well; she's never ridden other than the two weekends we just went out.


We went to Potawatomi in Fulton, MO and Letz Go Nutz in Foley, MO. Both were fun, but had some intimidating trails for her. 


Does anyone know of any places within 2 hours of O'Fallon, MO with super easy trails? When I rode I was living in California so I learned on fire roads and dry lake beds. Out here I'm not sure where I should take her. Basically looking for long stretches of road that are mostly smooth. 


We were thinking about trying Finger Lakes next, but I don't have a sparky on my KX250f and not sure if they check that there. 

Finger lakes isn't bad there's lots of open trails that just wind around the place and if you wanna get crazy just take one of the trails that lead off from the main ones. There's also wade off road park. Haven't been there but I think it's a nice place. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381918750.784757.jpg

Well went to Wade Road park today. Defiantly no a great place for someone just starting out. But it has a nice single track, and a pretty nice motocross track. I tested out the dirt by flying over the bars and doing a couple flips and face planting.

Finger lakes is a fun place. They have easy to hard stuff. I have a spark arrestor but have never been checked there and have gone there for years.

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