starts and idles but quits when coming off the throttle?

I started with a clogged starter jet, I cleaned the jets and the fuel needle screen, new fuel line, cleaned the fuel intake to carb. Bike ran great for an hour or so. Went to put in away and it only started wide open then won't idle. I cleaned it again, but his time all the jets were clean and it started first time after cleaning perfectly. Idled for five minutes. Put the rest of the bike together, then started it again, just to make sure...again it only starts when wide open then won't idle when coming off the throttle. What am I missing in the diagnosis? Back to the carb cleaning? Or some thing else? Any advice would be appreciated.

Sounds like you missed something in the carb. Did you use proper carb cleaner to clean the jets?

Is the engine flooding? The wide open throttle running is a clue, perhaps? O-ring under the float needle seat?

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