LED Light power consumption Vs regular lights

Got a Question.  I am doing a conversion on a 2012 YZ 450 I have and making it street legal. Just to go from a riding area to a track or a trail.  Nothing more.


My question is this:  How much less wattage, or power does a LED brake light and a LED turn signal use compared to normal bulbs?  


Also, I got a Polisport rear light/brake light with a bulb in it. Is there anything I can replace that with that is like a lower consuming bulb than just a standard filament bulb?  Do they make LED to replace a normal tail light/brake light?  If so, were do you get them?


Thanks in advance 

If a brake light incandescent runs 15 watts a replacement LED would likely be around 3 watts.  There are a few people out there that make LED bulbs that directly replace incandescent bulbs.  This guy is an example, while his products are mostly directed towards marine applications if you can match up the base you can use his bulbs http://www.doctorled.com/

~80-95% less depending on what bulbs you are talking about 

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be wary of the led replacement bulbs, ive tried them , they may be fine in a roadbike, but dont seem to like offroad riding [vibes seem to kill them], i now run a led tailight/brakelight unit, so far so good

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