2002 wr426 throttle stop part# question

soooo.......  I just picked up a 2002 WR426 , tearing things apart to see what was done? i pulled the throttle stop to see if it was modded and when I removed it  there is nothing but the threads.  I have read that this is not  the way to do it, and it could cause some issues having no stop at all!


I think to myself well hell if I am going to rplace the throttle stop I might as well just get the YZF throttle stop  so I do not have to worry about grinding it down right????

I look it up and it is yamaha part # 5JG-14591-00-00  .  when I click on the part it says it is the same as used on the 2002 WR426.


Am I missing something here ??? or does the 2002 WR426  share the same throttle stop as the YZF426 and not need to have the throttle stop mod?? 



thanks in advance for the help, and yes I searched and searched and found no answer first before asking??



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