making a 200 xc-w moto friendly

i will be in the market for a new bike in the future and it really bums me out that ktm no longer offers the 200 sx or 200 xc. so the question is what would i have to do to make the xc-w moto friendly? i understand suspenion work will need done and other misc things removed but what about motor and transmission wise? could i swap out some of the gears with ones out of an sx or xc? if so, which gears? would it even be cost effective? and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Suspension for sure, sx and exc 2,3,4th gearing are the same so I wouldn't go throughthe expense. The exc gearbox is very versatile.

If you are going to use the bike to race motocross mostly and do some occasional trail riding and a little CC then just buy a 150sx. You will be much happier.

If you are going to race CC and occasionally race a MX track then get the 150xc. If you are going trail riding and CC racing then get the 200XCW.

Get the suspension worked over for more of a GP style setup, remove the headlight assembly and replace with number plate and go moto. The transmisson on the 200xcw is not like the transmissons on other XCWs. The ratios are not that gappy. I would prefer the 200 trans in my 500exc if I could...

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