06 kx250 fork shims

Anyone know the stock fork shim measurements on the 06 kx250? The previous owner had it set up for woods and I am a quick mx rider so this set up doesn't work. If I could find out how many of each shim and what the thicknesses are in the stock stack then I would have a good starting point. I tried to play with the oil height but it is either too soft or too stiff when I do that. Clicker adjustments don't seem to help at all. Stiffer spring would just make it harsh with this soft dampening that I have. Someone please tell me the stock fork shim stack measurements!

2008 specs, I guess 2006 is the same or almost the same...

Base valve 08

22 .11 (5)

21 .11 ….. 16 .11

15 .15….. 13 .15

clamp 12 .3

mid valve


18 .1 (3)

12 .1, 18 .1

16 .15, 14 .15, 12 .15

10 .3 (2)


19 .1 (8)

11 .3 (2)

.25 float

Thanks for posting the specs. Are those measurements in millimeters? I used my micrometer to measure the width and diameter of them so our notes dont match up. What should I use to measure the diameter of them?

every shim specs (even in the US) is noted in mm


google will show you thousands of sites with conversion mm to inches  :-)

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