wr250f stroker crank

Does anyone make a stroker crank for a 2003  wr250f ?Hotrods makes one for an 09 and for the wr250r but not the older model.Any thoughts appreciated?

Powroll shows one that they make with your core for $400 plus parts if needed.

I'm not sure what's up with the 2009 stroker. The standard crank from HotRods for WRs goes from 2001 to 2013, but there's a stroker for an '09 that doesn't fit anything else. Maybe the '09 is revision F of a WR two stroke (they may have them in other countries?).

If anyone else knows about this first hand, I'd like to know.

If you go with a Powroll stroker, let us know how it works out.



it's kind of strange the wr250f crank is the same from 2007-2009 ( yamaha part #) if you look at the hot rods site it looks like the 250 crank is for the 2009 wr250r (# 4199) some of the e-bay guys show the 4199 for the "F" i don't think that's right

Thanks toby I had no idea powroll was still in business.Back in the day I got my xr stroker cranks from them.I'll check them out.

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