Trouble locating helpful specs on kx65 jetting

I live in southwest Florida and my son has a bone stock 09 kx65. I've searched here and fmf website for help with no luck. I am looking to get more top end as everything near me is straight away. I purchase a few gifts for the up comming holidays. First will v force 3 reed system alter jetting by itself and what are the opinions on the results from those that have used them. I live at zero elevation and will be installing the v force3 reed system, fmf sst pipe and power core silencer. I have a moose foam filter, run 93 octane and castor 927 2 cycle oil. Thanks for all the help, people on here are great.

Also mix 32:1

Anyone? Help please.

None of the things you mentioned are going to give you significant power increases at WOT.


You need porting and ignition for that.

Well merry christmas everyone....hope everyone had a great holiday. Well installed the fmf sst with turbine power core on sons bike along with vforce reeds. Will prolly change gearing a bit on next go round with sprockets..not enough bottom end....btw that means going back to stock. Any ways here is what I have for jetting....205 main 27.5 pilot and middle clip.Pic is after one and half tanks of gas. Fouled plug after 3 or so tanks of gas. Bike sputters a bit on low end. Opinions on moving up 1 slot on clip or going to stock pilot. Also going one lower on main. Lost pic but there is obvious spooge at tail pipe. Thanks for the help....hope this helps others. Any help or facr backed opinion is welcomed. Thanks.

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