swap YZ450F 2008 shock and fork to yz250 2007

Hi guys,


I am new here, this is my first posting.

Let me introduce myself. I live in Germany and doing a lot  of reading  in this great forum. At the moment I am working at my project bike. It´s a yz250 two stroke model 2007 which I got for a very low price, à needs some work.

The fork an the shock is in  a very bad condition. So here are my thoughts à  I can get a very good used fork and shock from an 2008 yz450f. So what about change these parts?

 I do have to change the springs , that is clear for me.  And what else? Is there anything to do with the damper from the shock, revalve it?  And with the inlays of the fork (cartridge), is there anything to do?

Any recommendations are appreciated. So you are the experts, that is why I pose my question here.


I am not sure if this is the right forum, may be the suspension forum would be better?


Regards from Germany,


What is so wrong with the stock 2 stroke stuff that it can't be rebuilt?


You can bolt the 4 stroke stuff on, but the shock is probably a touch longer and will change the handling characteristics.

I agree with above. anything can be fixed as they sell every internal part for the 06-up forks. whats wrong with the forks and the shock? Most likely they just need a good rebuild and a possible revalve depending on your use.

The 08 yz450 forks and shock will work but you need the 07-up yz250f or 08-up any yz model front brake caliper bracket as they mounting holes are closer together.

The shock is a direct bolt on. Same length. The 08 450 spring is a 5.5 and the valving is slightly different but that can be changed.

thanks for your input. I think you are right, i will give the fork andshock to a supension shop to fix them. My first thoughts to swap the parst like plug and play were to overhasty.

Kyb sells every component so anything can be fixed. What's it doing? What are your complaints with it? Also Is it sprung for your weight?

In the old tired 2007 suspension, if the bores are worn badly due to lack of good oil, then then might be worth replacing. Also all seals etc might add up to a big bill. I'd get a quote before ordering the parts and work. Once the anodizing is worn away on the fork damper rod you might always struggle to get a good seal there which might cause problems with inner oil volume changing depending on usage.

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