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2007 RMZ 250 Temp. Lock Up

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So when i was riding my bike i came out of a deep rut and jumped down into a pond (dried up of course) and when i throttled it to come up the opposite bank my bike acted like it was running out of gas on me. I checked tank immediately and still had over half a tank. Checked radiator and it was low in coolant but bike still had coolant in engine and water pump. Bike was also full of oil still. Bike would not kick after it happened as the kick start was stuck and wouldnt go down. The next day i could push my kick start down but took some effort. Took the top end out and couldnt find anything wrong with it. Also checked through the bottom end and didnt find anything. Had a very small amount of metal shavings in the oil filter but could just be from normal wear and tear. When taking apart the top end my brother and i removed the decompressor off the exhuast cam and notcied the screw in it had been stripped and looked like some had to force it in. When we out everything back together we noticed the kickstart was harder to push down then before the tear apart. Was wondering if anyone had any idea on what could be the problem and if so how i should go about fixing it. My brother (a mechanic and DIYer) believes its the decompressor that needs to be replaced to fix my problem. He suggested that if i buy an exhaust cam with the decompressor attached that it should fix my probelm. Any thoughts?

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