controlling the bike with your legs

hey folks!


I think its pretty obvious, and everebody keeps telling, that you should use your legs most of the time to control the bike. So far so good...

For me there come to basic concepts to my mind when talking about controlling the bike with the feet:

first: weight distribution, either balanced or favouring one side to increase lean angle, traction, control the rear in mid air, you name it...

second: squeezing the bike with you knees to create connection... I typically do this by using the pegs as some kind of pivot point, toes towards the inside, applying pressure to the area knees and seat meet...


Well, recently I came across the concept of applying pressure as low as possible, as close to the bikes center of mass as possible... kinda like using your ankles more to control or squeeze the bike... can sombody explain that a bit, help me visualize/grasp the concept? I can't fully imagin how this is done (effectively) or in which situations, but I read that in an article about RV, so there must be something to it...

I read the same article about RV you did and from my understanding, he was simply talking about pinching the frame with his boots. Its a lot easier to grip with your boots then it is with your knees because they have something to stick to; the frame. This way, when the bike is moving all over the place and your knees are as well because they generally don't "stick" anywhere, the interface between your boots and frame CAN be much more solid.

Anyway, thats the only thing I could think he was talking about.

I don't know about the whole applying pressure lower and closer to the center of mass. What I do know is for pretty much as long as I've been riding that I can remember, I've been to big to squeeze with my knees. Sitting down I can and do squeeze with my knees, but standing up there is nothing to pinch. So I didn't, I pinched with my ankles. It also seems to me like trying to grip with the knees would hinder mobility. When I grip with my ankles I still have free range of motion.


The other thing that made a huge difference was moving to the balls of my feet from my arches. When riding on my arches, my toes point outward a little bit naturally. When I move to the ball of my foot, I have to twist my leg a little bit. This sort of spring loads my ankle, so I'm squeezing with out trying too. I also get way better feel with the pegs and a lot more precision.

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