2011 KTM 250 SXF FI LIGHT.

Hello guys, just signed up and i need a quick question answering.


Ive just got my hands on a 2011 ktm 250 sxf and want to know is FI light supposed to flash whilst kick starting?


The bike fires up straight away no problems and the light never comes on whilst riding, it only flashes a few times whilst starting..... Is this normal?


I dont have a manual for the bike.





Can no one shed any light on this?

Can no one shed any light on this?

Not really sure but I know the owners manual has some stuff on the FI light. go on line and download it for free. Not sure what sight.

Thanks for your reply. I had a look last night and downloaded the online manual. Thee only info I could find about the Fi light was the blink code system.

I think its normal. When i hit my button to start the bike, the light flashes. I think it just means that the fuel injector is getting power. If it doesn't flash, you know where the problem is

Thanks JS. So I take it when a fault is found it will set off the blink code whilst running...? It got me thinking I had problems on my new bike already!

Yea, mine blinks whilst starting as well then stops when running. When the crank starts turning but the bike is not running yet, the system believes there is an error, so displays the FI light. If there is a problem and it DOES blink a code, it will happen after the bike has started running.

I have other KTM's which blink codes at me all the time, so I'm use to it. heh ;)

Cheers dude finally been put at ease about that situation lol. I had a whole different bunch of people telling me different things!

It is common practice for controllers to blink lights on startup to show that the actual light is functioning...

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