2009 450 breaking front spokes?

Every time I ride I break 1 or 2 spokes in the front wheel.  Seems like it is always the outside spokes on the rotor side of the wheel.  The spokes break in the threads so I can't reuse the nipples.  I have replaced a lot of spokes and nipples, the wheel is reasonably true, no big side to side or up and down spots, tensions seems good as I have used a torque spoke wrench.  This has just started happening in the last 6 or 7 rides and is driving me crazy!  I'll check the spokes after every moto and they all seem tight, and then seemingly randomly one will break?  I've tried running them all a bit looser and a bit tighter but nothing seems to help.  Any ideas out there?

Its not impossible that you got a set of spokes with a bad temper on them. If its that prevalent, Id just call Buchanan and get a set of spokes, relace the wheel and never worry about it again. 

It sounds like the spokes are way too loose.


Are you using the 'ping' method or the torque wrench method to tighten and true?

I'm using the ping method, as well as the torque wrench.  Problem is when I torque an old spoke, the wrench clicks right away, I think because the threads are so stiff, when I'm doing the new spoke and nipple then the spoke torques quite a bit tighter than the old ones.  I'd end up tightening each spoke 1 or 2 full turns to get to where the torque wrench sets the new spokes at, which seems like a lot to me?  

Your old spokes have seized threads and are, relatively, loose compared to the new spokes so the new spokes take more than their fair share of load when operating the bike. You need all new nipples, and maybe spokes, and surely need to disassemble and relace the entire wheel. At least that's what I would do in order to get it done right.

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