2-stroke spark arrestor

Im thinking of doing a Harescramble for the first time, and it says you HAVE to have a spark arrestor  on your bike or you cant race. I have a pro circuit platinum pipe with the R304 silencer. Any ideas of a silencer with a spark arrestor that will not plug up the bike? I go to the track more than woods and dont want to lose any power. Riding a RM125, just wanting to try a HS because I love riding woods.

The fmf turbinecore 2, and the Q's are all really good pipes, that FMF has for trail etc.. the pro circuit 296 and 304 are good to. I dont ofteen hear bad things from any pipes ive listed. Look up reviews of silencers from motosport,RM ATVMC, motorcyclesuperstore etc, they may even have reviews of your rm with the sliencer's on it. :ride:

Up in WA state you need a S/A year round to ride anywhere other than private land.


I have the FMF Turbine Core II on my bike.  How much time before the race?  If you scan ebay I bet you could get one cheap.  If it is coming up fast then buying new is probably your better bet.


Buy muffler packing if you get one used as it will probably need it anyway.

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