Mecanic needed...newbie needs help


Hello Folks,


So few weeks ago I got my first dirtbike, '99 YZ250. Long story short seemed like a good buy, so I picked it up, but after starting it at home I noticed it had a leak. It's coming from one of the seals, near by the exhaust area. Since I'm new to this whole dirtbike experience, I'm not sure if this is something I should take to a mechanic or attempt to fix it my self. I've been a street bike rider for a while and worked on those but never on a dirtbike.


Do you guys know any reliable mechanics in the Portland area that I could go to?

What should I expect to pay for such a job?


Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. I can't go riding until I figure this out, and I really want to try this new sport :)


Thanks guys!

What is leaking out. If its oil. It's a rubber o ring on the pipe easy fix. With 2 strokes u can't putt them u have to ride them or you won't burn the oil n the gas

Hey thx for the info. Its Oil, I mean it's black so I'm assuming some kind of oil. I don't think it's from the pipe, if looking at the pipe it's like to the left, I'm thinking it's part of the side gasket from the cover on the side of the motor but up on top. I touched it and you can see small bubbles forming when the bike is running. The gasket kind of slipped out, and when I pull on the piece the oil tends to run.

Post a pic, that will really help us

I suspect power valve cover...pretty common....easy fix

I'm with Slackkinhard, sounds like the power valve actuator rod boot, but a picture would make it easier to diagnois

The black oil on a 2 stroke ( around the exhaust) is just unburned from combustion and has nothing to do with the transmission or lower end lubing.  we call it spooge and while annoying and or messy, shouldn't prevent you from riding, but fix it as soon as you can.




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