Vin decode for European KX 250, 99-02?

Hey, I wonder if anyone here could help me. I'm trying to check my bike year from the VIN but it doesn't work.

The VIN look like this:



The engine code is:




10th digit is supposed to be the model year, but according to this VIN the bike would be year '90 when it is definitely from the 99-02 era. I just can't figure out the specific year.

It´s a European bike, but those should still have the same digit for the year, right?

Not one online VIN decoder recognizes those VIN and i can´t find any europeans vin decoder.

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The 4 digits on the cylinder will narrow down the year.  You can also do things like measure the fork tubes.  48mm for '02, 46mm for 99-01. 2000 and 2001 are basically the same. The 99's have a condensor mounted on the frame somewhere.  Look at the parts diagrams under "Generator".  Maybe someone with a 99 can post a pic.

I don't know about Europe, but in the U.S. there's a date code on the rims.  If the date code says "10 98" that means the rim was made in October, 1998 and the bike would be a 1999 model.  (It seems bikes are usually assembled in the second half of the prior calendar year.)  Of course, this wouldn't work if the wheels have been changed.

Thank you guys for the reply :)

Well now i know that i dont have 99 model because i can´t see any condensor and i have the 46 mm forks so it´s not either 2002.

If this is correct from the then it seems i got a 2000 frame with 2001 motor and 2002 cylinder

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If you could also help me it would be muchly appreciated I am in the same boat but I do not know the engine code. My Vin is jkakxmk14ta01#### The Previous Owner Did Not Know The Exact Year.

Piston is 72.00 mm and there is 0240 written with a weird symbol after it. The tenth letter is t which would indicate it is a 94 but I am not sure.

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