Ktm 125 pilot jet question

On my ktm 125 it's got a bad bog problem if I go from idle to wide open the bike will just die and if I'm just putting around and slam on the throttle it bogs and makes a kind of gurgling sound I've got it jetted for a full fmf system (fatty and shorty) with Jd jet kit I'm running a 190 main and the red needle on first position and everything past quarter throttle is beautiful and running amazing. Now my question is the pilot jet too rich and how many sizes should I drop? What else could it be? Thanks a ton!

It's an 07 if it helps out any

Having the exact problem on my 06 KTM 125sx. Horribly bogs, then at powerband its amazing. It most likely leaky crank seal, as i have stock jets. What oil do you use?

I'm running klotz 40:1 I sure hope it's not a crank seal! It's only when it's at super low rpms otherwise it runs beautiful! If I'm smooth with the throttle it's fine just if I really open it up in the bog it doesn't like it

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