First post & exaust at question!

Hey guys!

Just joined the forum after purchasing my first bike Saturday! I got a 2004 wr450 f. The bike has some character marks on it

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381968883.038775.jpg

If your stock pipe is not gutted then it will be way quiter. But if it is gutted then its still prety loud.

Stock will be a ton quieter especially if it can get repacked... Not sure if yours can but generally most exhausts are way quieter after repacking them

Like I said.. New to the bike.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381973187.901596.jpg

That is the stock pipe with a GYTR insert installed.

Stock is about 82db

GYTR is about 89db, and allows the motor to release it's heat quickly enough to prevent overheating too.

FMF (with blown out packing) is about 98db


I prefer the GYTR kitted stock pipe to any FMF pipe.

ty Krannie! 

that makes much more sense, I'll give it a try!

welcome to the club, stock pipe with the GYTR insert will most likely be what you are looking for. no stupid questions as long as you ask and respond with respect to everyone's opinion.

Cool thanks man!

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