Lowering a 2011 kx 250f

I'm pretty short, so I'm looking for ways to lower my bike.  I've done some searching and found kouba lowering links.  1" or 1.5"?  On their wbsite they say the 1.5" rubs the swingarm, how much does it need to be filed?  Would it be a better decsion just to go with the 1"? I also read something about internal spacers in the suspension that can be removed, is that true?  Can I do it myself or should I get it done prefessionally?  Pretty pumped about my new bike!  Hopefully I'll fit on it better soon enough!



I'm 5'2" and have to slightly modify my bikes also.  Get the kxf3. Be sure to adjust the forks in the clamps as well to make up for the geometry difference (it is NOT 1:1) How small is your inseem?  You can get your seat cut/shaved to get some more room if you want, or get your suspension professionally lowered.  Though getting the suspension done is a much more expensive option, but better in the end as it doesnt throw off geometry like a link does. Basically you will get used to it, though, however you chose to go.  It took me a while to get used to it, but tiptoe 1 side is easy for me now and back adn forth, and its only when im stopped so.. don't stop! hah


 Im getting a 13 in a week and will throw my link on it and move the forks up slightly to help.  Luckily on my 13" I won't need a seat done since its 0.4" lower seat height then my 09 and the link gives me additional 0.1" so it would be essentially what my 09 is set up at :D 


Setting your suspension for proper sag can also help a bit, with confidence if nothing else.  Have fun, good luck!

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