2006 yz450f clutch problems

Anybody had any problems with the brass bushings in the clutch basket gear wearing out, the basket is loose and the bearings are wore pretty thin  , looks like you have to buy a whole new basket to get the gear and bushings, the shaft has no wear at all

The only time that that bushing turns relative to the shaft is when the clutch is disengaged (lever pulled in).  Hard to imagine that much wear.


How loose is it, exactly?

with the clutch lever disengaged, you can reach up and the basket will wobble maybe 1/16th to a 1/8,but the bike and clutch work fine, grayracer is this normal?

sorry with the clutch lever out( engaged)

The bushing supports the gear, not the basket.  If the basket is loose on the gear assembly, it's the cushioning rubber in the drive gear that's bad.  These can be replaced with aftermarket parts, but the bolts that replace the OEM rivets may be hard to find without buying an aftermarket basket. 


Try to determine where exactly the looseness is.

Thanks gray, it's an wiseco basket, I'll check it out tonight and get back to you

There may been some misinformation gray, it's the small gear in the center of the basket that goes on the shaft, those bushings

I did actually have that backwards. Thinking of a different clutch for some reason.  With the YZ450, the basket supports the drive gear.


It is still true that the only time there is rotation between those two parts is while the clutch is disengaged, nevertheless.  Measure the clearance.  No specs in the owner service manual, but my guess is that .004" would be a little loose. 

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