How to know if you have bad crank seal?

So my question is, how can i know when my crank seal is bad? My bike is very rich and it bogs at 35:1 with stock jets? What are ways to determine a leaky crank seal. Help is much appreciated, thank you!


usually smokes a lot, I have 2 ktm 200excs and  burn castor 927, one bike had a bad crank seal and you could smell the difference in the exhaust, uses transmission oil, if you think you have a crank seal bad, check your trans fluid fill it up and go ride for a while and recheck the trans fluid, If the fluids low and you don't have any leaks its a crank seal

Trany side - fowled plug (acts like its rich) Ignition side it will suck air and run lean. The only real way to check is have it pressure checked. 

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