New stator, now the battery is at 16.4V when idling

I have a 2002 Drz 400.  I have been having an issue with my charging system, so I unplugged the wire from the stator to the rectifier and tested the voltage from each wire while the bike was running.  2 of them tested around 40-50 volts and the other one didn't get up past 20 volts.  Bad stator correct?  I then ordered a 20% stronger.high output stator from racetech electric on ebay.  Now that i have the new stator installed the battery is showing over 16 volts at idle.  Is this too high or is this because it's a high output stator?  I have read a little bit in other forums about testing some grounds.

that will burn out some light bulbs!  i'm not the one to talk to you about this, but i think it is a mistake to mess with the electrical charging system with aftermarket parts, but dont mind me.

Yes, that's too high.your reg/rec is probally the problem

I have always believed "high output" stator was advertising hype but maybe not.  Anyway, the only way you can get 16 volts is if the regulator part of the regulator/rectifier is not doing its job.  Before you change anything, retest the voltage with a different volt meter.  If really 16 volts, that will cook the battery and burn out light bulbs.  16 v is too high.

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