New bike?

Hey guys.  Recently joined the forum and have found really great stuff.  I just wanted to ask whats a good bike for me and if i should get one.  I am 16 and 5 10 and am currently on a 06 honda crf100f due to my parents wanting me to take the conservative route when getting a beginners bike.  Ive had it for a few months and now know how to ride pretty well and know how to maintain it well (clean carb, change oil, clean filter, etc).  I really what to step up to something more of my size in a few months, probably sometime after Christmas so not right away.  I was thinking either a cr125(or similar) or crf230/250x (or similar) but my parents think they are to big/powerful for me (neither of them ride).  Firstly are these bikes bad or to big for me? If you think there're the right size and have an example of someone like me who has bought one that would be great to show my parents that im not trying to progress to fast or if you disagree and think I should stick to the 100cc bike feel free to say so.  I wont be offended. Thanks


I would say the crf 230 because I had one after I was on a ttr125 and it was a nice adjustment from the small 4 stroke, I just recently switched to a cr125 and it's a handful, it would probably be to much of a gap between the 100 and a 125.

When I was 13 I was 5ft and 125lbs. After riding an xr80 for a year I moved up to a cr125. Sure I was way too short for it but I adapted. If you're only trail riding the 230s will be good for you. If you have plans to go to tracks the 125 is the way to go. I rode my 125 in the woods for a year before getting into moto.

My and my brothe both went from a xr100 to a 125

You could move to the 125 , just take it easy at first .

get a cr125, I went from a crf80f to a cr125 and I just took it easy at first but now I'm moving upto a 450

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