What's this all about, pic included black oil

Just noticed this leak coming from the power valve above my exhaust out of my overflow vent. Been dealing with a jetting issue of bogging in 3rd gear when I snap on the gas currently running 37.5 and 420 main. 32:1 gas oilImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381977447.243046.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381977470.525171.jpg

There are no seals on the power valve so exhaust leaks by into the power valve chamber.  This brings spooge with it and the vent tube will allow it to drain out, most manufacturers do not have drains for the power valve chambers.  A jetting issue will certainly make more spooge but you should get 2-3 drops out of the vent tube on your garage floor after the bike sits after a ride.

Yup, 2-3 drips after a ride is completely normal. If you are getting huge puddles then it could mean your jetting is too rich (and you will likely have spooge coming out of the end of the silencer as well). That drip in your picture is completely normal though.

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