Poker run at Mattawa this month?


I am looking for information about a poker un that is supposed to be around Mattawa  I thought on the 26th or 27th? I have a recently new rider buddy looking for something relaxing to get back in the saddle with. I thought this would be a good deal for him.

According to the NMA website, Starvation ridge and cowbell enduro are that weekend.




The last chance poker run in Mattawa is on Nov 2nd & 3rd..

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Ahh, thanks guys. Wrong weekend. I think I'll take him over anyway. He is an every other weekend with the kids guy and bought a bike two months ago that has been in the garage..... Little sand some rocks and wide open spaces to ride is good for someone getting back into the sport. Trying to groom a future riding buddy for the hare scrambles, and trail riding next spring.

those nice easy sand woops are always relaxing for noobs

those nice easy sand woops are always relaxing for noobs


I don't know if the rumor is true, but I heard they were going to 'drag' some of those.

All the whoops were still there this year. They added a nice hard section of 8 miles are so that was some of the hardest stuff I've seen over there. Lots of rocky sections and some sand hills that my wore out rear tire did not do well on.

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